About 12y
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Competing in the spot landing contest at the Bellanca Fly-In at Pottstown. PA

    12Y is a Bellanca 17-30A.  Serial number 85-30993.  It was the third of four aircraft made by Bellanca in 1985.  It has a 300 hp Continental IO-520-k engine.  The paint and interior are original.

Is this not the ugliest thing you have ever seen?

     The interior of my plane makes me laugh every time I look at it.  It is a mixture of crushed orange velvet and quilted naugahyde, all in a color called "bittersweet."  Looks like burnt orange to me.   The problem with this stuff is that it wears like iron.  The back seats look brand new, not even faded.  The front seats have a tiny bit of normal wear, but are in perfectly fine shape.  I have no reason at all to get a new interior, dammit.  Because 12Y was one of the first few planes made after Bellanca went back into production following their 1980 bankrupcy the speculation is that my interior was still hanging around on the shelf from the 70's, and they just tossed it in because they had it.  Gee, why would you think that?



The instrument panel
    One of the reasons I bought this plane is the autopilot.  The S-Tec 60-2 autopilot is simply marvelous, it can be coupled to the nav radios and the Argus GPS.  The Argus is, admittedly, older GPS technology, but is has color and shows the victor airways, and not even the new Garmin stuff does that.  It also doubles as a screen for the WX-500, and it sure is nice to see the thunderstorms depicted over the flight plan.   I have a EDM 700 engine monitor which I have come to think is so important that I wouldn't fly without it, and the Aero-Safe back up vacuum system.