My Checklist           
Viking N6312Y BL-17/U

Revised 3/17/05

Preflight Check

Fill out form

Check Hydraulic fluid

Fuel quantity—check gauges

Gear switch down

Light check

Right Strut, cable, switch

Right flap, right aileron

Right wingtip light

Right main gear 55 psi

Right Gear doors & wheel well

Wipe right actuator arm

Right fuel, visually inspect

Cap secure, top latched

Right wing sump

Right Exhaust secure

Right cowl flap gear door

Propeller, spinner inspect

Air intake unobstructed

Nose gear inspect

Wipe nose gear actuator arm

Nose Gear tire- 35 psi

Oil Dipstick-10 quarts

Left Exhaust secure

Left cowl flap gear door

Drain fuel—check shut off

Oil doors latched

Static Drain-check shut

Left fuel sump

Left Gear doors & wheel well

Wipe left actuator arm

Left main gear 55 psi

Left wing, stall horn

Remove pitot cover

Pitot heat check

Left fuel, visually inspect

Cap Secure, top latched

Left wingtip light

Left flap and aileron

Left strut, cable switch


Elevator and Rudder free

Trim tab secure

Tail struts

Lower antennas & belly

Baggage door Closed

Aux tank cap secure

Tow bar stowed

Remove tie downs

 Engine Start

Oil door/Baggage door closed

Tow bar stowed

Chocks out

Seats locked

Emergency gear up & locked

Brakes Test

Circuit Breakers-check

Cowl flaps open

Gear switch down

Fuel Selector-desired tank

Radio master off

Master on

Check aux vacuum

Test auto pilot

Check gear- 3 green

Alternator light on

Test bulbs

Check alternate static

Throttle open/Prop forward

Mixture rich

Fuel Pump- prime then off

Throttle close/ open 3 turns

Call Clear

Starter Engage

1000 RPM

Oil Pressure check

Ammeter check

Lights on




Nav/com setup

Turn Coordinator-check

DG-check during taxi



Brake Set

Cowl flaps open

Fuel Proper Tank

Flight Controls Free

DG Set/ AI Set

Mixture rich

Prop full increase

RPM 1800

Mag check, max 150/50

Check EDM

Prop exercise- 1 cycle

Vacuum-check  5.0

Oil Temp

Oil Pressure



RPMs to 1000


Take off

Avionics Set

Departure Freq

Transponder code


EDM percent view

Fuel on proper tank

Mixture-full rich


Cowl flaps open

Flaps 1/2

Trim set for take off

Lights on

Seat Belts/Seat Backs/Door

Record Time off

Best rate—110 clean

Best angle—75 gear up ½ flap

Climb Out

Gear up

Flaps up at 100

Throttle to 25”

Prop to 2500 rpm

Mixture to 20gph

 Cruise Checklist

Gear up/flaps up

Ammeter after gear up

Power to 24X24 or 75%

Oil temp/oil pressure check

EDM-- switch mode

CHT check--adjust cowl flaps

Vacuum- check

DG/Compass check

Lean find  best power 100 ROP

Fuel Mgme- 15 gal. then switch


Approach Level

20”/2400 rpm+ gear up= 155

20”/2400 rpm+ gear down= 120

16”/2400rpm+ gear up=  120

16”/2400rpm+ gear down = 90


Pre Landing Checklist

Lights on

Seat Belts/Seat Backs

Switch to fullest tank

G.U.M.P. Check


Mixture rich

Prop, full forward



Prop-full increase

Throttle-full power

Gear up

2nd notch of flaps up



Clean up

Cowl flaps open

Flaps- up



Lean for ground ops


Shut Down

Lights off

Radio master – off

Check P lead


Master – off

Mags-off-key out

Transponder 1200

Oil door open

Secure controls if outside

Fill out form


IFR Approach Checklist

Weather at destination—get atis

Radios --Check nav freq

         --Check marker beacon

         -- Put in tower freq

         -- Check ADF

         --Ident navaids/check flags


                  -- Align DG/Compass

                  --Check Vacuum

                  --Check AI

                  --Check TC for flag

                  -- Final Course OBS

Minimums and MAP


Inbound heading check

Missed Approach brief


Approach Level

20”/2400 rpm+ gear up= 155

20”/2400 rpm+ gear down= 120

16”/2400rpm+ gear up=  120

16”/2400rpm+ gear down = 90


Emergency Checklists

Landing Gear Extension

Prior to emergency extension procedure check:

Master switch on

Circuit breakers check in

Position lights off in daytime

Gear indicator bulbs check

 If landing gear does not check down and locked:

Airspeed below 90 w/ half flap

Gear switch down

Emergency gear lever down

Abrupt pull up

If electrical is lost, gear must be extended manually using
emergency procedure, indicator lights will NOT illuminate.


Engine Power Loss in Flight

Best Glide 102

Fuel Selector-switch to tank containing fuel

Fuel pump on (prime)

Mixture rich

Mags left right both

Engine gauges check for indication of cause of power loss

If no fuel pressure is indicated, check tank selector

   Position to be sure it is on a tank containing fuel


Best Glide-- 102

Gear up

Flaps up

Throttle full open

Prop full back (decrease)

Mixture- cut off

 Power Off Landing
Trim for 102 at Gross

Located suitable field

Establish spiral pattern, 1000ft above field at downwind position

  For normal landing approach. 

When field can easily be reached, slow to 75 KIAS for shortest landing


Gear Down Landing

When committed to landing:

Gear selector down

Ignition off

Master switch off

Fuel selector off

Mixture idle cut-off

Seat belt and harness tight


Gear Up Landing

When committed to landing:

Ignition off

Master switch off

Fuel selector off

Mixture idle cut-off

Seat belt and door



2500 ft                                        

14f-- 2400 rpm/ 24” MP/ 71%/  14.9 gph

50f-- 2400 rpm/ 24” MP/ 69%/  14.4 gph

86f-- 2400 rpm/ 24” MP/ 66%/  13.7 gph


5000 ft

5f--  2400 rpm/ 23.2” MP/ 74%/ 15.5 gph

32f--2400 rpm/ 24”   MP/ 71%/  14.9 gph

68f--2400 rpm/ 24”  MP/ 69%/   14.4 gph


7500 ft

-4f-- 2400 rpm/ 23.2” MP/ 73%/  15.3 gph

32f-- 2400 rpm/ 23.2” MP/ 70%/  14.6 gph

68f-- 2400 rpm/ 23.2” MP/ 68%/  14.2 gph


10,000 ft

-13f-- 2400 rpm/ 20” MP/ 62%/  12.9 gph

23f--  2400 rpm/ 20” MP/ 60%/  12.5 gph

59f--  2400 rpm/ 20” MP/ 71%/   12.0  gph


Hot Start

Mixture Full Lean

Throttle—Full forward

Fuel Pump--  High boost 20 seconds (min)

Then normal start with NO PRIME